Out of all the hookah and shisha pipes out there, how many do not come with a hose these days? I cannot think of one starter package that does not include a hose, and for good reason. You would not be able to get very far without one. Though most starter packages come with a hose, the quality is suspect. Often you have metal rings inside the hose that prevent the hose from being washable, and if you do decide to wash it, you will have rust particles in your lungs. Aside from this, you have very thin diameter hoses, that are made of cheap materials. When you are using a hookah hose to inhale from, you do not want cheap materials.

This is where the Nammor hose comes in. Made by the same owner of Romman tobacco and coals, this hose is the true pioneer in the world of high quality hookah hoses. Today, there are many imitations, and while they are also high quality, the Nammor came first, and it deserves seniority. Made in Egypt, this hose is made by quality craftsmen, and comes with a matching mouthpiece. The packaging is minimal, but it also is clear, to give you a vivid view of the hose colors.

Nammor hoses come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow and some others, depending on availability. They also come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 64 to 75 inches, depending on your needs. The hose does come with options to add more decorations, but the hose by itself is already a quality piece. Construction consists of a high quality synthetic leather, with tight threading holding it together. Personally, I would like to see the threading a little bit thicker, but as with any woven item, take care to not unravel any loose threading.

The best part about the Nammor hose is that it is washable. You can use it immediately after washing it, or wait overnight for it to dry. I recommend hot water to clean, and if needed, lime or lemon juice with baking soda. If the hose is in desperate need of a cleaning, you can use baking soda and vinegar too. More often than not, hot water will be sufficient. The mouthpiece is removable from the hose, but take care to not do any damage when removing it, as I have heard of people damaging their hose during this process.

All in all, the large diameter of the hose, followed with washability, and bold colors and a solid feel make this hose a must have in any shisha collection. The draw is fantastic, and is sure to improve any hookah pipe’s smoke output, for wonderful and puffy clouds!

nammor hookah hose