There is something to be said for tradition. Tradition drives passion, and that is part of what makes the shisha industry so great. People have been smoking tobacco for many hundreds of years, but throughout all that time, passion has always been behind the production of tobacco.

Nakhla is one of the oldest and most recognized shisha tobacco brands in the world. Since 1913, Nakhla has been making delicious molasses for all your narguile needs. When a tobacco company has been making a product for over 100 years, you know that they have a serious amount of experience.

Rose flavored shisha has been a flavor enjoyed for well over a century. Like rosewater, rose flavored tobacco has a natural aroma and flavor. Nakhla’s floral rose is considered to be possibly the best rose flavored tobacco on the planet.

Nakhla tobacco comes in three lines, Traditional, Mizo, and Ice. The rose is one of their traditional flavors, and it shows. When you open the packaging on the box, you can’t help but feel like you are trusting in years of tradition, despite the cheaper cut of the tobacco.

The first smell consisted of floral undertones with a natural rose scent. It was not what I was expecting at all. Normally, floral scents are overloaded with alcohol and artificial by products. This was a gentle experience, much like being in a rose garden. The cut of Nakhla is not the best out there, but it’s worked for them for many years. The tobacco consisted of a medium cut, but with many stems. Some of the stems were fine, and even improved the flavor of the smoke. Some stems, however, were much too big to be used. For such a low price, this is not something that bothers me.