Consistency is king. Nakhla tobacco is one of the oldest hookah tobacco companies out there. Since they began, they have been producing some excellent traditional flavors. Without glycerin or artificial ingredients, this tobacco takes you back to the old days, even though the clouds aren’t quite as impressive.

I am relatively new to the Nakhla brand, but I now know I have been missing out all these years! I have recently tried their traditional rose flavor, and it was an amazing experience. If I had to use three words to describe Nakhla, it would be traditional, consistent, and natural. Their flavors do not overwhelm the palate, and because of that, I will continue to explore this brand.

Recently, I picked up a batch of the plain orange flavor. I have heard from multiple sources that this is one of the best orange flavors out there, and I can see why people say that now. The cut was typical Nakhla cut, which is rough, uneven, and not very juicy, but very sticky. The smell was awesome. If you can imagine what orange sports drink powder smells like, this is the exact smell I get from this flavor. While this may not be exactly a natural smell, it smells really delicious.

For this setup, I used my Kaloud Lotus and Samsaris, which will soon be replaced by a healthier type of bowl. Two Ecocha coals seemed to work just fine, despite people saying that Nakhla needs more heat. The clouds were adequate, but not as dense as something with glycerin in it. The flavor, however, was fantastic. It tasted just like it smelled, which is a serious accomplishment for any tobacco blend. The flavor was present, but not over the top, and not muted. I could imagine it going really well with something like Fumari Mandarin Zest or Hookah Hookah Orange.

As with most Nakhla, it was a bit stronger in terms of nicotine than what I am used to, but it was not so strong that I couldn’t enjoy the smoke session. This is a keeper in my books; I will be keeping this in stock to go with other citrus flavors. True to their reputation, Nakhla is king when it comes to the simple flavors.