QUESTION! Is your hookah lacking a sense of pop on the top?! Don’t you want your bowl to be just as exciting and colorful as your special and unique hookah!? Well you don’t have to settle with boring any longer. We here at Sahara Smoke are thrilled to share a new and exciting line of Vortex bowls for you all! After vigorous hours spent improving the design and function of our Vortex bowl, we wanted to update the style as well, and might we say, they are far from boring.

Sahara Multi Color Vortex Bowl

Our new and improved Vortex bowls come in four different two-tone styles which can be mixed and matched to your hookah to give it that attention-grabbing feeling that it had been missing. The two-color styles available are black and red, blue and green, white and orange, and blue “Ayam Zaman” vortex bowl.

These colors can easily match any Sahara Smoke hookah for instance the blue and green two-colored vortex bowl matches flawlessly with our 42” Titan hookah with its artistically designed blue and green transitioning colors. Or if you’re going for a more fanatical theme with your colors on your hookah, these multi-colored bowls will help you do just that. Now it’s up to you to decide which best suits your style and hookah!