Have you ever wanted to taste all your favorite flavors together? Sometimes it works really well, sometimes it ends up awful. Either way, with Hookah-Hookah tobacco, you can mix and match to your hearts content. The consistency of our cut makes it so easy to make your own unique experience.

Back in 2002, the founding fathers of Sahara Smoke and Hookah-HookaH came together to make a quality American hookah tobacco experience. Since then, we have only grown more. Hookahs and shisha tobacco is our business, and we take it very seriously.

Using long-cut Virginia tobacco, we use only natural flavoring and vegetable glycerin. Of course, we have a “customize your shisha” option on our website, but today I wanted to talk about a co-worker's “dessert” flavor!

Our graphic designer has been here for well over six months, and in that time he has added a lot of flavor variety to the office. Named after his girlfriend, his recent dessert blend is called “Franny Pie”. Franny Pie is a spicy after dinner flavor, that is perfect for the holiday season. This blend consists of vanilla, almond, a pinch of 7-spice, and clove.

I found this blend to be perfect for an after dinner delight! Our almond flavor is fantastic, not too sweet and not too pungent. Most almond flavors are dull, but ours is very lively without any funky flavor. 7-spice and clove are both powerful flavors, but in small increments, they can make or break a blend, and in this case, they give the flavor a nice punch that lingers some after the exhale. Vanilla is there just to sweeten everything up, which works great

As with most of our shisha, the cloud output was fantastic, and the buzz was actually a bit more intense than it normally is, though I am not sure why that happened. If you are into spicy and unique flavors, have some Franny Pie made for you on our website!