Have you ever had a fresh orange? Have you ever experienced the fresh sensation of the water, the fruit, and the sweet and tart flavor all melding into one experience? Oranges and orange juice are some of the lovely simple joys in life that most people have the privilege to enjoy. Oranges grow easily in hot climates, which means they are perfect for our ever changing planet. Mandarin oranges are less sour and sweeter than the common orange, as well as being slightly smaller. This makes them perfect for a snack!

Fumari is quickly becoming one of my favorite shisha tobacco companies. They are based out of the west coast in San Diego. Over the years, they have released some fantastic flavors. Some popular ones are Tangelo, Spiced Chai, and Prickly Pear. Today, I will be talking about the latest flavor I have tried, Mandarin Zest.

As with all Fumari, the cut is spot on. They are one of the last companies to pack their pouches by hand, so very little stems or bad chunks get put into the bags. On top of that, their tobacco is always super wet and juicy. Some people are turned off by this, but I happen to really like it. I recommend giving Fumari a good mix in the bag before packing a bowl.

For this review, I used a Samsaris with a Lotus, and packed it super fluffy, as I do with all Fumari. I used two Ecocha coals with a Dream Hose. Two coals should be plenty for Fumari, as it is rather sensitive to heat. The bowl lasts a good 90 minutes, which is on the longer side for Fumari flavors.

The smell of this flavor is very similar to Orange Cream, but just a tad bit more sour. It instantly makes me think of oranges, and that is always a welcome sensation when smelling something called Mandarin Zest! The flavor starts out rather sweet and mellow, but as it heats up, it begins to have a slight tart profile to it. The flavor lasts all the way until the end, which is a lot to say about any shisha tobacco. As with most Fumari, the buzz was very mild, but I find this a pleasurable experience as I don’t like a huge buzz from tobacco. The clouds were of medium-thickness, but still plenty thick to enjoy any tricks.

All in all, this is one of my all time favorite hookah flavors, and definately one of my top three flavors by Fumari, second only to Prickly Pear and Spiced Chai. If you have this flavor available, pick up a 100 gram pouch and see for yourself why the zest is better than the rest!