Hookah can be a very fun and social activity. However, we all know that smoking tobacco is not a healthy thing to do, but nonetheless it is enjoyable. Since the ancient days of shisha, we have learned so much about health and how choices affect your lifestyle. Today, I will cover some health basics that may not deter the bad effects of smoking tobacco, but at the least will help to minimize risk.

Traditionally, nargile is a water pipe, which means that you are smoking tobacco that is passed through a body of water. This is the first thing to consider when smoking hookah. Passing smoke through water means that the water is going to get dirty, fast. Other than that, it is also important to remember that a hookah vase full of water is essentially standing water. For optimal flavor, the vase water should be switched out every session. For safety the water should, at the least, be switched out every 24 hours. This will prevent some of the more harmful molds and particles to grow inside the water.

Shisha tobacco is little more than tobacco leaves mixed with molasses, glycerin, and sometimes honey. This is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It is important to keep your stem clean on a semi regular basis. Your stem will have lots of moisture in it, since it is connected to the base, and therefore, extra care should be taken to scrub out the stem, and make sure that you are not inhaling cultures or harmful molds. Metal tends to repel most bacteria, but only for a time.

Hoses are often overlooked in this regard, but we forget some important points about hookah hoses. A hookah hose is touched by multiple mouths, which means lots of different bacteria and even viruses can find a comfortable home inside a moist hose. At least once a week, if not two to three times a week. Lately, I’ve liked using a clear hose, as I can see if there are any particles in the hose that look out of place. Be careful to only wash your hose if it is washable. Non washable hoses come with metal rings inside the hose, which means they will rust, and the last thing you want is to be inhaling rust particles.

If you follow all these simple guidelines, at the least you will reduce your chance of getting sick or getting an out of the ordinary infection. If we are to make a decision that can affect our health, at the least we should make every attempt to reduce and minimize risk.