For most narguile smokers, the all too familiar aluminium foil has plagued our smoking experiences for a very long time. Consumers and companies alike have sought out alternatives to the thin metal foil, but for many years, there was no leader in this market.

Though there are many imitations, knockoffs, and competitors, the clear standout would have to be the Kaloud Lotus. This heat management system takes away the nasty business of preparing and using foil to hold your coals. It comes with an adjustable top to increase or decrease the temperature, as well as air inlets on the side, to gently supply hot air over your shisha. Aside from ease of use and reusability, the Lotus enables various coals to burn even slower than expected. Because of this, most hookah tobacco will take less coals to achieve the same results.

For the considerable amount of $44-50, one would hope to receive a quality piece. Kaloud does not disappoint in this regard. The packaging is top notch, with elegant, yet professional touches. The box is easily reusable to store your Lotus if needed. As for the Lotus itself, it is a solid chunk of aluminum, and while there are some etch marks and manufacturing signs left over, the functionality of the product is not affected by this.

All in all, the Kaloud Lotus delivers a massive improvement in the heat available to your bowl, and it does it without burning foil. From personal experience, I find matching the Lotus with the Kaloud Samsaris silicone bowl is the perfect combo. The Samsaris has a rim to securely fit the Lotus, as well as the advantage of not being able to break your bowl. Here at Sahara Smoke, many of our associates have nothing but good things to say about the Lotus, and that carries from work to the consumer world where results matter.

kaloud lotus