Instant light hookah charcoals

Looking for a quick and easy hookah session where there’s no need to wait around for your hookah to be ready to smoke? Don’t have the means or the desire to wait around for your hookah coals to be hot and ready to use? Well with instant light charcoals you don’t have to waste your time waiting on your coals. Instant light charcoals are the most preferred hookah charcoals for those who are looking to speed up the preparation stage of smoking hookah without losing the quality of their hookah shisha flavors.

Designed to be as odorless and tasteless as possible so to not interfere with the elegant flavors of the tobacco, the quick lighting speed of instant light charcoals decrease almost all wait time needed before smoking compared to using other natural charcoals which take longer to heat up and reach its best efficiency peak. If you’re trying to get in a quick hookah session and don’t have the time to wait around for your coals, you no longer have to. Let your charcoals heat up instantly and have your hookah waiting on you!