For the past six months, my life has been made easier by Hookatec’s Blazn Burner. Since then, I have had well over a thousand coals put through one set of emitters, and so far I have had barely any problems with the device. Hookatec is an innovative hookah company that makes many high grade convenience items for hookah smoking. Some of their products involve mixing the tobacco, while others involve cleaning hookah hoses. The Blazn Burner is their solution to quickly and efficiently lighting hookah coals.

I have noticed that since using the Blazn Burner, my coals have been more fully lit, and they smell less when being lit. This probably has to do with the fact that the infrared light is super powerful and a very high temperature.

The intense heat of the Blazn Burner is a double edged sword. While it means that coals are going to be lit fully and efficiently, it also means that the heat will put increased wear on the burner unit itself. While most of the device has been reinforced with this heat in mind, the metal coal tray is a clear weak link in the system. Made from some form of stainless steel, it provides an easy perch for coals, but is too thin to last a long time. The fins begin to warp and eventually corrode and crack, leaving you with a unattractive, and possibly non-functional coal tray.

Hookatec has finally come out with an improvement for this part that is made of 95% alumina ceramic. This material is designed to withstand much higher heat than what the Blazn Burner can produce, which makes it a much better choice in the long run. Unlike metal, the ceramic does not warp, and it has a solid feel to it, including a nice gloss finish.

Unfortunately, the white color does not match the black color of the Blazn Burner, but this is a small price to pay for a more functional unit. In addition to this, it could use one more fin across the middle of the tray. There are less fins on the ceramic tray, probably because of structural problems. More fins might of made the tray more brittle, which would explain the reduced count.

Despite these small shortcomings, the ceramic tray for the Blazn Burner is a clear improvement over the original product, and I can’t wait to report on the condition in 6 months! If you don’t like using a stove to like coals, or have a stove that does not produce a lot of heat, then this product is a wonderful addition to any hookah collection!