Hookah tobacco is a fantastic medium between something harsh, and something that is gentle enough for the masses to enjoy. I know many people who despised tobacco until they were introduced to shisha tobacco, and discover that there is a whole world of flavor out there that can be enjoyed with a gentle experience. This is the feeling I get when smoking Hookah-Hookah Wintergreen.

HookaH-HookaH tobacco is our main line of shisha tobacco here at Sahara Smoke, and we have many flavors to choose from and enjoy. We are one of the only companies that uses Kosher vegetable glycerin, and we also do not use any artificial glycerin.

The cut is a typical HookaH-HookaH cut, which is a long cut tobacco, similar to pipe tobacco. It has a toasty, yet full bodied tobacco flavor, but is very mild when combined with our delicious mix of flavors. The smell of Wintergreen reminds me of chewing tobacco, or wintergreen mints; the old style that comes in a tin can.

The flavor and cloud output of this flavor is fantastic. Massive clouds throughout the session, and the flavor is very accurate, and leaves a minty note on the back of the palate. If you are a fan as fresh minty flavors, this hookah flavor is a great addition to your collection. If you are new to hookah, this is a very mild introduction to the world of shisha tobacco! I also found this flavor to be a fantastic mixer. It works really well with our ginger ale flavor.

Out of all the flavors we make here at Sahara, you know that with mint flavors, you can always have a consistent flavor experience, and one that is cooling and fresh. Out of all the mint flavors we make at Sahara Smoke, this is my current favorite, and is a popular flavor among many people who work here as well. Trust your nose, and get a can of minty Wintergreen!