Out of all the hilarious, entertaining, and fulfilling films released in the past 50 years, The Big Lewbowski has to be one of the best. It encompasses all the aspects that make a wonderful cult film. The awkwardness and aggressive plot line reflects a lot of aspects of shisha. Can the everyday shisha smoker become “The Dude”?

At Sahara, our exotic shisha tobacco line is Hookah-Freak. Take caution, on occasion we have seen Hookah-Freak smokers literally turn into hookah freaks! There are many impressive flavors that imitate everyday meals and flavors, such as Atomic Fireball or Scooby Snack.

Today, we will be looking at the ever famous “The Dude” flavor. In the movie, Jeff Bridges portrays an unemployed goof that slurps down white russians like they are water. A White Russian is a mixed alcoholic beverage consisting of Kahlua, cream or milk, and vodka. These drinks will pack quite a punch, and if you are not careful, you can end up passed out on the sidewalk really quick. This shisha tobacco takes on many accurate distinctions to the real thing. The cut is typical Hookah-Freak, which is to say it is a long cut virginia tobacco, but a large amount of juice. The smell is distinctly Kahlua, with not much else coming through other than subtle notes of coffee and caramel. The smoke produced by this flavor is quite dense, and illustrates that vegetable glycerin does just as good of a job as synthetic glycerin, given the right recipe.

The flavor constantly reminds me of the film, and makes me want to go bowling! At first, you get the distinct Kahlua flavor, but as the heat takes over the bowl, the vodka and milk come out. Together these flavors marry to make a remarkably accurate white russian flavor. I was shocked to see just how much the vodka flavor came through, and it really brought the whole package together. I am not big into drinking alcohol and smoking hookah at the same time, but this is one of those flavors that will make me reconsider that. I found the buzz strength of this flavor to be surprisingly strong, which kept me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to. This was the third bowl of shisha though during this session, so I might have already overwhelmed my body, which surely contributed to being over-buzzed. Drinking a white russian while smoking The Dude is the perfect way to enjoy the film, and any other occasion at that.

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