Throughout the past 8 years or so, I have been smoking hookah on and off. During this time, I have found many flavors to be delicious, and many flavors to be horrible. My affinity for sweet flavors has diminished, but every now and then I can enjoy a sweet flavor still. Most shisha smokers enjoy a fruit flavor, but as you grow in experience, most tend to gravitate towards spicy and earthy flavors.

There have been many imitations of different flavors over the years. Sour candies, chocolate candies, and even caramel candies have been copied. There is one flavor that I think stands out among this crowd as a clear winner, and that would have to be Hookah-Freak’s Atomic Fireball. If you like cinnamon, this flavor will entice you, but if you love Atomic Fireballs, this flavor will get you hooked. Hookah-Freak has a myriad of fulfilling and interesting flavors to choose from. Atomic Fireball was one of the first flavors introduced in the line, and it certainly has its fan club.

Spicy flavors are very much hit or miss. It is about finding that balance between something that reminds you of heat, but does not deliver it in a way that ruins the smoking experience. Atomic Fireball has all the semi-sweet and spicy characteristics of the real candy, but without the heat. If you enjoy mimic shisha flavors, then this one is one you really need to try. You might love it, or you might hate it, but more than likely you will realize just how close to the real thing it gets.

The cut is a typical Hookah-Freak cut, which is to say a traditional pipe tobacco long cut, but with plenty of juices and a fresh on point smell each time you open the container. Like with most long cut shisha tobacco, be careful how much heat you apply, or you will scorch the finely cut leaf. The flavor lasts for a solid 45-60 minutes, depending on how much you are smoking.

The buzz from this tobacco is a medium ground. It is certainly stronger than Fumari or Starbuzz, but not nearly as strong as Tangiers. It provides an enjoyable buzz, one that does not knock you off your feet. It allows you to keep smoking the shisha, and enjoying the exotic flavor. All in all, I would give this flavor a 9/10, for smokability, flavor realism, and for the fact that I can enjoy it more than just on one occasion. All bow down to the Atomic Age!

hookah-freak atomic fireball