I have been smoking tobacco for almost ten years. In that time frame, I have encountered countless different styles, cuts, flavors, methods of smoking, and so on. I have taken breaks of course, but I tend to consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject. This tobacco review is a rare one, in the sense that it was too strong for me!

Hookahfina is a company based here in the United States. I particularly enjoy their advertising, as they use lots of attractive women! They use a particularly sweet french leaf tobacco, which is nice at a low temperature. This low temperature variation carries over to their Blak series.

Hookahfina Blak is Hookahfina’s new small batch tobacco. It is prepared an a very traditional way where black molasses is mixed with unwashed tobacco to produce a robust and extremely strong smoke. Very little, if any, glycerin is used. Unlike most shisha tobacco, this does contain a small amount of preservatives. I would assume this is because of the black molasses, which is not a problem to me. The cut is very similar to Tangiers, and I packed it like Tangiers.

The Blak batch is something to respect. This tobacco could be described in one word... STRONG. The flavor was suppose to be “Lime-o-nada”. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The smell had a small hint of lime, but the smell of molasses and tobacco overwhelm anything else in the batch. This is a smell I enjoy, so this was not a deterrent. The flavor was intense; it tastes of spices, tobacco, and brown sugar. One could almost think of black cracked pepper. This was a very interesting flavor, as it reminded me of pipe tobacco. It was almost a mix of traditional shisha tobacco and pipe tobacco, which was very intimidating, but very enjoyable.

The strength of this tobacco was just too much for me; plain and simple. The flavor and aroma was fantastic, and very unique in a world full of fruity sugary flavors. The nicotine content was out of this world. The package does warn you that it is very strong and not for novice smokers, which is a nice touch and very appreciated. My girlfriend, who is also an avid hookah smoker, was able to smoke on this flavor for quite some time. I, however, was defeated within ten minutes. I just felt that if I took another puff, I would have been sick. To expand their customer base, I think a little less nicotine wouldn’t be a bad thing, but heavy smokers would appreciate it.

Overall, I give this flavor an A+ for the experience. This is not something you get to experience on a normal basis. That being said, this is extremely strong tobacco, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will spend the night being best friends with the toilet. If you like strong tobacco, or you aren’t afraid to try something different, pick some of this up!