The Holiday season is coming up! That means getting gifts for loved ones and friends. While this can be an enjoyable time, it can also be a stressful time. If you know someone into hookah, this concise guide will help you shop for the holidays! One perfect all in one gift is our small hookah. At a reasonable $60 right now, you can pick up a hookah, bowl, washable hose, two 50 gram shisha tobacco flavors, and a roll of instant light coals! This is a great upgrade for any hookah smoker, whether they are just starting out or a true enthusiast.

That’s not all we offer though! Most people don’t want coals in their Christmas gifts, but hookah smokers might be the only exception! We offer many of the top brands of hookah charcoal. Though our assortment is large, I have to recommend Ecocha coals. Since I started using Ecocha coals 9 months ago, I have found them to simply be the best hookah charcoal. They aren’t smelly, last a long time, and produce plenty of heat. We also carry quick light brands, including the clean burning carbopol coals! By switching to coconut coals, you can save your friend money and improve their smoking experience!

A common mistake hookah smokers make is breaking their base. It happens more often that we would like to admit! We offer a huge variety of replacement bases for hookahs! Our glass is very thick and durable, and at a reasonable price, they add a bright distinctiveness to any hookah. Whether it be a classic Egyptian hookah or a more modern pipe, we have the right size base for many different hookah stems! Be sure to check your measurements before replacing your vase! Ideally, measure the space of the vase opening, you will need this to make sure your new vase fits your hookah stem properly.

What about tobacco? Everyone has their favorite brands and flavors, and good thing, because we carry lots of different shisha tobacco brands! Whether it be Starbuzz, Haze, Fumari, or our in house special Hookah Hookah, Hookah Freak, and Ayam Zaman brands, we have it! In addition, we also carry other brands, so be sure to check out all the options! If you don’t know what you like, try out some Hookah Hookah and take advantage of our huge flavor selection; you’re bound to find something you love!

What if your friend or loved one already has all the normal hookah stuff? There is no need to improvise with our hookah accessories section! We offer tons of accessories that makes any hookah session better. Are you scared of knocking hot coals off the pipe? Pick up a Sahara Smoke Windcover, it will make your sessions safer and also heat up the tobacco faster. Tired of your significant other ruining your stove top with hookah coals? Pick them up a Hookatec Blazn Burner, and leave messy stoves in the dust! The Blazn Burner is an infrared coal heater, and keeps other appliances from being damaged from such high heat and rigorous use. Do you hate that hookah pipes make a loud “bubbly” noise? We offer the Sonic Diffuser for Sahara hookahs! This reduces the bubbles into a smaller size when exiting the stem, making the operation of the hookah much quieter. This is perfect for movie time!

These are just a few accessories we sell that make a much better smoking experience. There is a lot to choose from, so be sure to browse and take your time! With our holiday sales, making the decision on purchases is even easier! Give your loved ones something they will really enjoy this year, give them the gift of Sahara Smoke!