Seduction is a powerful word. There are many things in this world that are conceived as pleasurable, but seduction is not always successful. Today I will briefly cover the flavor “Seduction” by Haze.

Haze tobacco is a company based right here in the United States. They have a pretty big list of flavors, and very impressive marketing and branding! Haze produces their shisha tobacco double sealed and in metal tin cans that can stack on top of each other. This is very useful to keep all your Haze flavors together! They come in 100 and 250 gram sizes, and for reasonable prices. Haze also tends to have a lot of glycerin in it, but it really helps with heat tolerance.

I have tried quite a few Haze flavors now, and unfortunately, this was one of the weaker ones. That does not mean it wasn’t enjoyable. It had a nice citrus burst to it, but at the end of the puff, there was too many flavor profiles going on, which gave it sort of an artificial taste.

The cut was typical Haze. I think I got an older batch, because it has the rougher cut that came in the original Haze batches. Still, there were very few stems, and the double sealed package was awesome!

As with any Haze flavor, cloud output was fantastic. Haze can handle a lot of heat, and with that you can produce really thick smoke. The longevity of the bowl was hard to pinpoint, as each citrus flavor left at a different time.

It was hard to pick up every citrus flavor in this batch, but I believe orange and lime were very dominant. I think that if there was more of an emphasis on lemon, the lime wouldn’t have overpowered the rest of the flavors as much. As with most of my reviews, I used my Kaloud Samsaris with a Lotus and two flat Ecocha coals.

Overall, I think I need to give this flavor another go before I have a definitive outlook on it, but for now, I would say it’s a good flavor if you enjoy citrus, but it is just a bit too multidimensional for my tastes.