For smoking shisha, one has lots of choices. There are countless decisions to make, ranging from the tobacco brand, the pipe brand, the style of bowl, the heating method, the hose, and many other smaller facets of this hobby. From all of the choices and the saturated market, one might have a hard time making the right choice for them.

Thanks to your fellow hookah enthusiast, we can help you make the hard decision and tell you what is good, and what is not so good. Trust is important in this world, as marketers will say anything to get a consumer’s attention. Fear not however, as I have been smoking hookah for almost ten years, and in that time, my bias has met its match against quality. Even though I may be working for a shisha company, I, along with Sahara Smoke, still has respect for the most important aspect of this business, the customer.

Haze is a tobacco company based here in the United States. I happen to know one of their employees, and if they relate at all to their company, then Haze is a modern, groovy, and ever evolving professional establishment. That being said, they produce some amazing tobacco, with puffy clouds and tasty goodness.

Now, Haze has a line of coals, and they have been pretty aggressive about pushing the product forward, and for good reason. Quality control is important, and when it comes to charcoal, quality control is very difficult to monitor. Most of the time, it is produced in areas of the world that just do not line up with the quality expectations customers and companies alike expect. With Haze’s new coals, they have somehow managed to maintain a quality product in this regard.

The packaging is a cool purple color scheme, with typical cardboard paper box design. They also have a nice recyclable plastic cover over the coals, which is a nice touch. These coals are sparkless, eco friendly, and best of all, do not contain any sulphur. They remind me of a certain charcoal quality that I remember from previous companies, but other companies have not maintained the top quality that Haze has. In my experience, they produce very little smell while lighting, and last quite a long time, up to 60-90 minutes. They produce plenty of heat, more than I ever expected. While measuring the temperature, they were consistently over 700 degrees fahrenheit, and sometimes exceeding 800 degrees. They did not taint the taste of my tobacco, as many other coconut charcoals do.

All in all, Haze has produced a coconut charcoal that is easy to return to, and dependent. With this type of quality, you can expect every session with Haze coals and tobacco alike to be top notch.

haze hookah charcoal