Have you ever taken a date to a carnival? What about just going with friends? Whether it is a fair or a carnival, going to one of these events always bring a sense of surprise, and perhaps a little caution. There is always a feeling of wonder surrounding these places. Whether you stay a short time, or stay until the police force you to leave, you are sure to have a fun time. If you like rides and roller coasters, then there are few better places to go for a night out. If you dislike roller coasters like me, then there are challenges, funnel cakes, and goofy things to witness. All in all, a night at the carnival invokes emotions of tradition mixed with a rustic adventure.

Haze tobacco is a company based out of Texas, and they have been soaring in both quality control and taste. So far I have only tried a few of their flavors, including Chaitastic, What-A-Mint, Orange Swirl, and of course, Carnival Nights. I have not yet been disappointed. The early batches I have tried did contain some stems, but the cut of the tobacco is perfect for holding lots and lots of juice. As of late, their recent batches have absolutely no stems, and is very wet, similar to Fumari. In addition, they double bag their shisha tobacco, which is very nice, since shisha can make a big mess.

Carnival Nights is possibly my favorite flavor by Haze that I have tried. While it is not as mild or sweet as many of their other flavors, the unique characteristics of this flavor bring it to the top of my list. The cut is typical Haze, in which the leaves are a large to medium cut, and it contains very few, if any stems. The smell is hard to describe. It is at first an overwhelming cardamom spice. Cardamom is a spice made from a few different plant seeds mixed and ground together. As the cardamom passes, you get a very mild minty note that is almost nonexistent, which is actually a good thing. I packed this tobacco in my Samsaris with the Lotus with a rather tight pack, which seems to work well with Haze. The flavor was fantastic, as it had notes of spice everywhere. Cardamom spice dominates the taste buds, but it mellows out with something bitter, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a strange aftertaste. The cloud output of Carnival Nights was subpar compared to other Haze flavors. I am not sure if this is from my packing method or something else, but this made me a bit sad. Still though, the unique flavor makes up for this.

In conclusion, this flavor rocks, but has a “meh” cloud output. It leaves a wonderful note of spice in the air that almost reminds of walking through a grand bazaar. The only problem I can find with Haze is that their tin cans sometimes are put on too tightly, and you have to dent them to get them open. While this is not a huge issue, it would be nice if there was a rim to place your fingers so that you do not have to dent the can. I will certainly be picking this flavor up again in the future!