The art of hookah smoking is constantly evolving and growing, but that does not mean we can take a step back and be traditional. Tradition can imply many different things, but when one thinks of a modern shisha pipe compared to a traditional shisha pipe, one thinks of modern functionality against ornamental beauty. Hookah might be a pleasurable way to smoke, but if you look at traditional shisha culture, its impact on social structures is pronounced.

Elegance should provide a feeling of power, but also mysterious wonder. With large shisha pipes, you get these emotions. Size is not everything though, as the style and artwork also plays an important role. Large hookahs are very popular in Europe, which makes sense if you consider that the social impact is larger in Europe where shisha is most popular. The size plays on that presence of power.

Today’s showcase is the 29 inch Gypsy Blue hookah. This pipe hold all the presence and power of a large hookah, with the ease and convenience of a small one. Like most Sahara hookahs, the Gypsy is able to disassemble completely, allowing for easy cleaning. Not only is it easy to clean, but it is also easy to transport.

The Gypsy comes with a beautiful gold stem and blue velvet hose. As with all Sahara shisha pipes, it comes with a Vortex bowl, but this one happens to be blue with gold accents, matching the hookah perfectly. The crown jewel of this pipe is definitely the vase. It is a beautiful globe shaped base, with gold ornaments painted on. The package screams tradition in a modern package.

With this pipe, you get a nice balance between sharp looks and elegance that will fit in with any bedroom decor, or look perfect in a cafe setting. The smoke made by this pipe is like any functional hookah; big clouds with kickass looks. The base is so large it provides excellent support against falls. Chase your emotions with the elegant, yet sharp Gypsy Blue.

sahara smoke gypsy hookah