In the realm of tobacco, there has always been variety. For the past 20 years, individuals and companies alike have been making countless mixtures of different tobaccos. The popularity of shisha tobacco has made this market explode. Typically, you will find honey, glycerin, and molasses in shisha tobacco, but this was not always the case. Classically, shisha tobacco was rinsed lightly, then dried to a damp consistency. It was then mixed with some honey or molasses, and heavily overpacked into a clay bowl for a coal to lay directly on top of the tobacco. In today’s market, you see all sorts of washed and unwashed varieties, coming in a huge multitude of flavors.

Hookah-Hookah shisha tobacco is made in house here at Sahara Smoke, and we take a lot of pride in our tobacco. We source our virginia cut pipe tobacco mainly from North Carolina, and it is then sent directly to us. To our knowledge, we are the only company to use Kosher vegetable glycerin, which is appreciated by many. We also do not use any artificial glycerins.

In this blog, I will be giving a review of the “Buttery Graham Crackers” flavor. This is one of my favorite flavors we make. If you are a fan of food flavors, you have to give this one a try. I will cover the cut, smell, taste, and longevity of this tobacco. For the record, I used a Samsaris with a Lotus out of my KM tri-metal. Firstly, the cut is the typical fine chop that Virginia pipe tobacco usually is, which is a long cut ribbon. There is nothing wrong with this cut, but you need to realize that it will take less heat than most shisha tobacco. The smell is fantastic, it is extremely accurate and immediately makes you think of graham crackers. The smell translates into a mild and sweet bread scent when smoked, which also reminds one of crackers. The taste is pretty accurate. Towards the one hour mark, the flavor tastes more like honey than graham crackers, but for the first hour, the flavor is fantastic. This flavor is a great mix with something like cinnamon, but it is also great on its own.

With Hookah-Hookah tobacco, you can trust that every package you receive is going to be consistent and quality. We make everything in a regular rotation here, and tobacco does not stay on the shelf very long before it is thrown out and replaced with fresh batches. Give graham crackers a try, and I promise you will be interested in trying other delicious flavors, might right here in Georgia!

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