Sahara Smoke Goliath Vortex Bowl

If your hookah bowl just isn’t enough for your hookah sessions there’s no more need to inconvenience yourself by repacking and repacking and REPACKING your bowl! With the new Goliath Vortex Bowl your extravagant hookah sessions will no longer be interrupted by the refilling of your bowl simply because there isn’t enough room in your bowl to pack as much shisha as you want to smoke.

The Goliath Vortex Bowl is noticeably larger in size than our original Sahara Smoke Vortex Bowls with the ability to hold 50 grams of shisha! This big boy bowl also features new advantages including raised bumps on the bottom of the Goliath Bowl which allows for better air ventilation thus providing even heating throughout you shisha to prevent burning and support struts on the inner walls of the bowl to better prevent the foil from sinking down into the shisha due to the weight of the charcoal.

This Goliath Vortex Bowl will keep your elaborate hookah sessions convenient and give your hookah an eye-popping accessory for all to enjoy.