Sahara Smoke Glass Stem Tiers

If you are one to be easily mesmerized by the smoke of a hookah, then why not broaden your experience? With our featured Sahara Smoke glass tiers not only will your hookah have its own elaborate uniqueness in style but the glass tiers will pull you into a smoke filled trance both during and outside of your hookah sessions. These glass stem tiers are eye-catching as the transparent glass allows you to see the smoke flow through the stem as you pull and into the vase during your hookah sessions.

The fascinating design of the Sahara Smoke glass tiers allows you to interchange the ultra wide Nar tier for the glass tier or combine them to increase the overall height of your entire hookah. While the Nar hookah stem has an intriguing twisted design, the glass stem tier is translucent revealing an enticing image of smoke inside the stem chamber. Once you begin your experience with the glass stem tier, your eyes will be just as captivated as your taste buds.