Shisha tobacco innovations are constantly improving; nothing stands still. There are countless brands to try, and unless you travel overseas regularly, it is hard to sample every narghile brand out there. In the United States, we have seen countless cuts of tobacco, and many different forms of packaging. Fumari is not a particularly new brand, as they have existed since 2002, but their quality and popularity has soared in the past two years.

Fumari is an American hookah tobacco company, and while they make more products than shisha, it is their shisha that they are famous for. Three words then come to mind when thinking of Fumari are- balanced, refreshing, and accurate. They have a staggering 40 flavors, and while I have not sampled many yet, the flavors I have sampled have been excellent!

Firstly, I think it is important to mention the packaging that Fumari comes in. It is, by far, my favorite packaging of any hookah tobacco brand. It is simple, yet bold, and at the same time, it boasts a color scheme that makes you want to try every flavor. The bag is resealable, and has a “pleather” texture to it. I cannot stress how convenient it is to have a sealable bag of tobacco. The plastic lining on the inside of the bag encourages the juices to collect together, so it is relatively easy to get every last piece of tobacco to enjoy.

Out of all the flavors I have tried, the “Prickly Pear” seems to be utterly delicious. It is described on their website as being a “cactus pear” flavor, with a mild sweetness and tart. This is a good explanation of the flavor, but it does not do it justice! As an experienced hookah smoker, I have tended to gravitate away from sweet flavors and towards earthy flavors. The sweet flavors will just make me feel icky, but this pear flavor is a wonderful exception. It is highly refreshing to have a sweet flavor that I can enjoy until the coals burn out. The pear flavor is not overwhelming, but resides as a gentle flavor. The clouds are puffy, and the flavor lasts quite a long time, about 45-70 minutes depending on how hot you get your bowl. The cut of this shisha is the best on the market right now, in my opinion. There are barely any stems, if any, and the leaves are a nice balance between being cut fine and maintaining some mass. The juices are held perfectly by this cut, and this really helps to bring out the flavors of this shisha.

In conclusion, I feel that Fumari will be seeing a lot of my business in the next couple years, as I make my way through their vast collection of flavors. The cut and smell characteristics of this shisha is something that every tobacco brand should strive for. It is not perfect, as it could handle heat better, and the flavors could last longer, but all in all, this tobacco provides an exceptional smoking experience that I will continue to revisit often.

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