Tobacco has always been a preference orientated niche. Throughout my years of smoking hookah, I have found very few brands that win the long term award like Fumari Shisha. Fumari is an American-based brand that has been producing some fantastic shisha. Their flavors are plentiful, with up to 40 and it is still growing. Though I have only known about their brand for a year or so, they have been operating since 1997.

I have already tried a few of their flavors, including Lemon Mint, Tangelo, Spiced Chai, and Prickly Pear. This review will cover my latest discovery in the delicious world of Fumari. Fumari’s Mint Chocolate Chill is an intriguing flavor. The cut is typical Fumari, which is to say you get high quality leaf cuts with very few stems, and plenty of juices. Fumari is one of the last tobacco brands that bags their tobacco by hand. This reflects some in their prices, but the price is well worth the quality you get.

Tearing open a bag of Fumari is a very satisfying experience. You realize what you are getting is going to be a delicious smoke, so it all seems just a bit more exciting than it probably should. The smell of Mint Chocolate Chill reminds one immediately of a mix between mint chocolate chip ice cream and an Andes mint. With your first impressions, you might seem skeptical that this flavor is released when smoked. I was not let down, and to my surprise, the flavor lasted over 60 minutes with two coals. Keep in mind I was using a Kaloud Lotus with the Samsaris and Ecocha coals, so it was bound to last long to begin with.

The smoke density with not quite as dense as most Fumari brands, but I still got some nice clouds out of this shisha. I was using my 2009 Khalil Mamoon Tri-Metal Americana, with a Narbish hose, which I might add is a wonderful setup! One con I found to this flavor was the ghosting of the flavor in the hose. If you are going to try this flavor, make sure to use either a dedicated hose or a washable hose, because it really does stick. That being said, this flavor is highly realistic, and I would give it a solid thumbs up in my books. If you like chocolate and mint separate, why not try a familiar flavor in your narguile pipe and pick up a pack of Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill!

fumari mint chocolate chill shisha