We all have our favorite candy. In the realm of candy, gummy candies have become a dominant figure, but the dilemma of choosing between worms and bears is always difficult to solve. We all know a German company that I shall leave unnamed that makes some outstanding gummy bears, and that is where this review is headed.

To adapt a candy flavor to tobacco is not only difficult, it is tough to determine if anyone will really enjoy it. It needs to be sweet, but not overwhelming. It needs to be tart, but not overly sour. Lastly, the flavor should last long enough to actually enjoy it.

Fumari has landed a fantastic victory in this regard with their White Gummy Bear flavor. Even though the white gummy bears are my least favorite, this shisha flavor has made me question that opinion. Typically, the white or clear gummy bears resemble a tart pineapple flavor. It has a slight artificial taste to it, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This gummy relates very accurately to Fumari’s flavor.

As with all Fumari, the cut is always above expectations. Fumari is one of the few companies that bags their tobacco by hand, so very little stems get into the product, and it is always the best cuts of the leaf. The juice is plentiful and the smell is always spot on. I still am surprised with the amazing quality control of this brand. The packaging is my current favorite among all the shisha brands. It is sleek, modern, and it is resealable. On top of all that, it is thin and easy to stack and store. The smells do not leak out of the bags, and with such a good package, you do not need to transfer your tobacco to a better container.

Now for the part that everyone wants to hear about- the flavor. The first smell reminds me of tart fruits, followed by something sweet, but slightly sour. I am not sure if I pick up pineapple in the smell though, despite it being in Fumari’s description. I do pick up notes of citrus though. Firstly, the flavor is no doubt refreshing and tasty. It reminds me a lot of Starbuzz Blue Mist, which I know a lot of people will disagree with, but that is what I can compare it to. The smoke is ultra thick and puffy, and on the exhale I get a very tart pineapple flavor, that is indeed similar to the gummy treat. I used the Kaloud Lotus with my Samsaris, but soon I will be switching to a more traditional style phunnel bowl. I tend to do a very fluffy low pack with lots of space between the Lotus and the tobacco, but whatever method works best for you personally will do.

Overall, I would give this flavor a 8/10. The only reason I would not give it a ten is because it is too sweet for my tastes, and the smell and taste do not relate perfectly. That being said, this is a total home run from Fumari, and is definitely one of my favorite Fumari flavors period, coming third only to Spiced Chai and Prickly Pear.

fumari gummi bear shisha