Since the 15th century, vanilla has been used in countless ways in the food world. From drinks to complex desserts, the subtle and sweet spice is one that most of us know well. It has varied greatly in value over the years, from $500 a kilo to the current price at around $20 a kilo. This shows that whether or not it has good availability, it is a highly valued commodity that people are willing to pay for.

Here at Sahara, we carry lots of other brands in addition to Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak. One of these brands is the wonderful Fumari brand. Fumari has been around since the late 90’s, when they had a hookah lounge in California back before it become popular to have one. Since then, they have grown to a multinational company that produces really tasty shisha tobacco. Fumari is all hand processed, so very few stems or icky bits get into the tobacco, which is great for the consumer. On top of this, they use a lot of flavoring and glycerin, which means that the tobacco is gonna be super flavorful and full of huge clouds!

I have been trying lots of Fumari flavors lately, and some of them have really impressed. The other day, I decided to pick up a pouch of French Vanilla and give it a try. As one would expect from the name, French Vanilla is a subtle and smooth flavor, with hints of vanilla and a creamy, almost “bread like” finish.

French Vanilla stood out to me because I really enjoy Fumari’s Spiced Chai, and noticed that they put a lot of vanilla in there. Naturally, I figured Vanilla on it’s own would be tasty, and it seems like I was right. After opening the pouch, I picked up scents of vanilla, followed by creamy goodness of an aromatic vanilla pipe tobacco. This cavendish like smell is not for everyone, but since I come from a pipe tobacco background, this was a welcome change of pace. The flavor was a much more full bodied experience compared to the smell. It has a wonderful cake like consistency, with a plain, but subtly sweet vanilla flavor. It’s the type of flavor that would mix well with almost any flavor, and also doubles as a perfect everyday smoke. The cloud density was massive, especially since the flavor was so mild; it gave me the chance to puff on it really heavily, getting the clouds mega dense.

This flavor lasted about 60 minutes, which is great in my books, especially for how mild the flavor is. It even has a slight spice to it in the end, which I assume is the tobacco’s natural flavors coming out as the flavoring dies out. If you are a fan of everyday smokes, and like something that is not overwhelming, this flavor will smooth anyone out like butter and make your day that much better!