In a world of enthusiasm, the passionate are rewarded, while the uneducated are condemned. As someone who is passionate about their hobby, I want nothing more than to share my knowledge with everyone else, especially those who are willing to learn. That being said, one person’s methods are subjective compared to another’s. I am aware of this, but still want to help those who need it.

Today we will discuss packing Fumari shisha tobacco blends into Sahara Smoke’s patented Vortex bowl. There a few different methods to packing, but generally, it depends heavily on tobacco cut, the amount of molasses and glycerin, and the style of bowl you are using. With the Vortex, you have a deep recess, which enables long sessions, but needs to be packed right to have the perfect smoke session.

With Fumari, you get a very specific cut; it is very juicy, with little square cuts, very few stems at all, and always a consistent smoke and flavor. Typically, it needs less heat than many other brands, and requires a lot of micromanagement with coals, but the end result is worth it. I would recommend two coals and no more for this shisha tobacco.

Fumari White Peach is a yummy tart explosion of peachy sweetness. It reminds me mostly of jolly ranchers, but with a tart finish. It would pair well with White Gummy Bear, which is another tart flavor from Fumari which I will be showcasing in the next blog.

Packing Fumari is a tricky business. Many people have a lot of trouble getting it to smoke right. What I’ve found is that fluff packs are the best way to enjoy this brand, no matter what bowl you are using to smoke with. To the left is a set of instructional pictures to how to pack delicious Fumari in a Vortex.