Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Charcoals

Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Charcoals are high in quality and chemical free. The popular Fantasia brand Air-Flow charcoals are made from natural ingredients allowing your hookah session to last without affecting the smell or taste of your shisha. With its innovative reversed ā€œVā€ shape design, these oddly shaped natural charcoals elevate the heat they give off by allowing oxygen to flow under the coals keeping the temperature steady and preventing the bottom of the coals to turn black and limit the heat making it to your bowl.

The shape of these charcoals was designed so that rotating the coals or even ashing off the coals during your hookah session is not needed. Experience a more easygoing hookah session by not having to constantly manage heat by rotating, ashing, or flipping your coals.

Try out the Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Charcoals to see if they give you the most relaxing experience you truly want in a hookah session.