For around 13 years, Sahara Smoke has grown from a small company to a large operation specializing in modernized hookah pipes and shisha tobacco. In that time period, we have strived to produce both functional and visually striking products. We have designed many products that are a common name among nargile smokers. The VORTEX bowl, our various vases, and our Hookah Freak tobacco are just a few examples of products that hold a large and established name in the industry.

How does one take that next step into the industry? There is of course innovation, but there is also excellence. With excellence comes a price, but with that price comes quality unsurpassed. Through years of experience, we have finally struck the gold that will carry us into that next phase.

With the new Executive Brass Stem, you can trust in a quality experience that will not only feel bold, but will indeed be one step above the rest. Our new line of brass stems could be described in one word- stately. These beautiful stems come in one solid piece. They are cast from billets of brass, and there is no welding at all. Included in the package is a set of brass tongs, and a very sturdy and ornate brass coal tray that is threaded, so you can screw it into your stem for a snug and secure fit.

There are many details about these brass stems that set them apart from competitors, but functionality is just as important, if not more important than looks. With the Executive Brass Stem, you get both. Each stem comes with a 10 year warranty. If you have any problems at all, give us a call or email us, and we will assist you no matter the problem. Each stem comes with an authenticity receipt, which is a nice touch when bringing such a high quality product onto the market. The stem comes packaged in a subtly attractive wooden crate, with our brand logo burnt into it. On top of all the authenticity, there is a laser engraved serial number for each stem. You will always be able to figure out if a Sahara brass stem is legitimate or not. All in all, this is one heavy duty piece of hookah hardware!

What is a beautiful heavy duty stem without an equally awesome base?! Coupled with the Executive Stem is the Executive Vase. This vase is heavy duty, and has carved grooves to easily identify the water level. On top of that, it has a serious mirror shine in a gold and silver tint. This makes any reflection of light stand out, and amplifies the overall appearance of the setup.

Stepping into the executive office requires confidence and poise, but the end result will empower an individual. Take responsibility, and with that responsibility will come a new power you have never experienced prior. Grab yourself an Executive setup from Sahara, and add to your stately collection of truly quality shisha pipes.