Hookah Hookah Evolution non-tobacco Tea Shisha

If you’re looking for an alternative to tobacco, we have just what you need! HookaH-HookaH’s line of Evolution tea shisha has revolutionized the idea of smoking hookah. Available in twenty different flavors, this shisha is made from tea leaves instead of the traditional tobacco leaf making it the most natural smoking experience on the market.

With tea being the second-most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, no wonder why our Evolution tea shisha "Teasha" has achieved just as high of a reputation in the shisha industry. Evolution shisha is a naturally fresh and above all a guilt-free alternative to tobacco shisha giving you the relaxing effects of smoking hookah without the chemicals from traditional tobacco.

Try our tobacco-free guilt-free tea shisha available in flavors just as bold as the idea of tea shisha itself including flavors such as Guava, Spearmint, and even Peanut Butter.