For countless centuries, people have been using charcoal to produce long lasting and intense sources of heat. There are many different variations of charcoal, but typically it’s a wood or fibrous material of some sort that is heated very slowly over a long period of time. This creates what is called carbonization. After this, the wood fibers have produced a carbon structure that takes a long time to combust, but when it does it will burn for a very long time.

Ecocha is a company based here in the United States. Out of all the different hookah charcoal manufacturers, Ecocha is my favorite for a few reasons. Firstly, they use only three simple ingredients, coconut shell, organic starch, and water. Secondly, they brand their product in a way that is simple, effective, attractive, but most importantly informative. The use of a natural binder means that their product will spark more than the average coconut charcoal, but the lack of chemicals is something that is very good for smoking purposes. Their charcoal also contains no sulphur products. For a cheap and affordable price, one can have all the performance they would need out of hookah charcoal, and with a brand that shows respect and doesn’t give out silly outrageous claims.

I have been using Ecocha coals exclusively for about 5 months now. In that time period, I have sampled many competitors. Some example brands are Haze, Starbuzz, and Tomcocha. All of these have not been able to stand up to my quality standard of Ecocha coals. They burn longer, smell less, and produce a feeling of confidence. For the longest time, they have been producing only flats. This is referring to the cut of the coal itself. A flat is a square shaped coal with a shallow height. This tends to produce a very even distribution of heat, but if you want to stand one up on its side, it can be difficult as it gets thinner and burns down in size.

Now, Ecocha is coming out with a new cube style cut of their awesome coconut coals. I have had the privilege of trying them out before they are available at most retail outlets. These coals are amazing! Cube coals are usually too big for my taste; that is to say that they produce way too much heat. Ecocha has decided to keep the dimensions of their coals about the same, and in doing so, they have produced a coal with differing heat distribution, but one that does not produce too much heat. This is perfect for people who like to “stonehenge” their coal setup. The cube coal sits the coal up higher than the flat, so this produces heat higher up on the top of the bowl.

With Ecocha cube coals, you can have the best of both worlds. Use two cubes, or mix and match with the cubes and flats. Any way you do it, you can trust you will have a balanced amount of heat with a coal that produces no nasty byproducts or smells. I will be keeping a batch of these around when I get hold of more, but in the meantime, go get yourself some Ecocha coals and stop falling by the wayside!