Firstly, I would like to mention that I have been smoking hookah for quite some time; almost ten years to be more specific. In that time, I have sampled many different shisha brands and flavors, and many different coals. While evolution has been a key factor in the hookah industry in general, I have seen a distinct improvement in the department of heat.

Most of us started on quicklight coals, but for those that did not, I will let you know that they taste and smell terrible. In addition to that, they release toxic byproducts such as burning magnesium shavings. When coconut based coals took over the hookah market, we could all breath a sigh of relief, literally. Initially, CoCoNara coals led the march, but since that inception, we have seen many competitors.

One brand stands out among these competitors- Ecocha Coconut Coals. Ecocha Coals have brought the quality and feel of a small company together with the consistency and confidence of a large company. I will admit that at first, I was skeptical, as I’ve been using the same brand of coals for around five years, but that doubt was quickly melted away after experiencing Ecocha coals. They burned slowly with very little ash, and did not lose shape as they continued to burn down. To my pleasure and surprise, they lasted an entire medium length movie, which was a nice change of pace from faster burning coconut coals. There was clearly no aftertaste or smell involved. Even when heating the coals up, I noticed significantly less smell coming from the burner.

So why should you switch brands? Most of us know what it feels like to have brand loyalty. It is safe and comforting to find a product that works for you every time, and there is considerable value in that. Ecocha addresses that notion of value on their website- Ecocha lets its consumers know that this value is extremely important. They provide a cost calculator to see how much money you save compared to other types of coals on the market, including coconut coals of competing brands.

Though value is important, Ecocha clearly cares to provide a healthy and transparent solution that can still save you money. Their products are all natural, organic, and contain no harsh chemicals. In fact, they only contain three ingredients- starch, water, and coconut shell. Ecocha realizes that simplicity is key to providing a slow burning, healthy, and non intrusive solution to shisha coals, and they do it better than anyone else right now.

Ecocha coconut charcoal