Have you ever been bored as a child when your mother or father were shopping at a bland store, and you had nothing to do? Do you remember those quarter machines with the chicklet gum in them? Some of us hate them and some of love them, but most of us remember them. This is the experience I have had with Haze Double Bubble.

For about 25 years, Haze Tobacco has been growing and perfecting their product into what they sell now, Haze Shisha Tobacco. Their tobacco is manufactured out of Texas, as well as most of their operations. It is always nice to see a good ol’ American shisha tobacco maker! One thing I love about Haze is their labeling. They have some of the best labels and colors out of any shisha tobacco company. Each can grabs me in a different way, even if it is a flavor I do not like. I will say that I also enjoy their packaging, but find it to be inferior to Fumari. The stacking design of their cans is convenient, and also a cool conversation piece.

Haze Double Bubble is Haze’s take on a nice minty bubblegum flavor. The description from the site states “cool bubble gum flavor”. This flavor was an interesting experience. Firstly, the smell was not quite accurate. The sugar bubble gum smell was there, but accompanied by something I did not expect. Subtle notes of a mild cinnamon are easily recognizable by my nose and friend’s alike. This is actually what made me purchase this flavor to begin with, as I love cinnamon flavors. The cut was a typical haze cut, which is to say it was medium to long strands, almost stringy, but very thick. The juices are always very “embedded” into the shisha with Haze, so there is actually not much of an excess. I am not sure if this is a result of manufacturing, or the fact that they probably use propylene glycol in their mixture (this is not confirmed). This is fine though, as it makes mixing and packing a pain free process.

As expected, the smoke from this flavor was massive. Most Haze flavors provide extremely thick clouds, and handle heat very well. I was using a lotus with two Ecocha coals on a Samsaris, but three coals with another type of bowl is probably best suited for Haze. The flavor was interesting. At first, there was a little bit of cinnamon that came out, but it actually wears out really quickly, and you are left with an intriguing flavor. The leftover flavor is an almost “pasty” bubble gum flavor. I do not know if I enjoyed it or not, but I was compelled to keep smoking it. There was something oddly satisfying in this flavor, although I am not sure if I would buy it again. I found it to be even better mixed with some Hookah Freak Atomic Fireball, to really bring out those spicy notes.

There is something hidden in this flavor that I clearly enjoy, as I plan on smoking some of this flavor at the end of the day, though I am not sure if I can put a pin on it yet. Either way, I found this flavor to be pretty accurate to the bubble gum realm of taste, and recommend any sweet bubble gum lovers to give this one a try!