Customize your Hookah

Since 2002 Sahara Smoke has innovated and engineered hundreds of different hookah styles to please the different customer tastes all around the world and make hookahs that are cherished. But if you want a hookah that you can say is truly your own; Sahara Smoke offers you the choice to customize your very own hookah from the size of the vase to the very color of the shisha bowl you want.

At the Sahara Smoke store website you can choose from three different vase sizes and over 40 styles of vases including the vases of the Titan, the Essence, and the Pandora. After you choose the style of vase for your customized hookah, you have three options for your choice of hookah stem style and including the choice of a one, two, three, or four hose hookah stem. There are multiple styles of hoses and shisha bowls to choose from including amber, red, and blue colors among others giving your hookah the edge that no other hookah can amount to in pure uniqueness.

All pieces needed in order to smoke a hookah including grommets and ashtrays etc. are included in the order of a customized hookah from Sahara Smoke. You will see how your customized hookah will articulate your own personality and uniqueness in its design - just try it, it's simple, easy, and above all affordable!