How to clean a hookah

If you’re one to try out new flavors and smoke your hookah often, you know that in order to have the best smoke and best flavor out of your tobacco it is necessary to clean out the old tobacco from your bowl and used water from your hookah vase. But one vital step in having an untainted, flavorful smoke is also the cleanliness of your hose. Unwashed hoses may leave a residual taste which may mix with your current flavor (often referred to as “Ghosted Flavor”). Our Sahara Smoke hoses are not only stylish with a velvet covering but are made 100% washable. Cleaning your hose comes as easy as three simple steps: fill, swish, and drain.

While plugging one end of your hose with your thumb, fill the other end of the hose roughly half way with warm water. Once you filled the hose half way up, plug the second end of the hose with your other thumb. Raise one end of the hose higher than the other and alternate raising each hand so that the water runs back and forth from one end of the hose to the other. After running the water through the hose a few times drain the water out in the sink. If you desire, repeat this process again or until the water you drain runs clean. Once you rinse and drain your hose allow it to dry by laying it over a doorknob or off something similar so that the remaining water may drain out of the two ends of the hose which are facing downward (you may want to put the 2 hanging ends in a bowl, or place a towel under them as there will be excess water dripping from them).

Have each smoke be just as untainted and flavorful as the smoke before. With the most efficient methods of cleaning your hose along with our completely washable Sahara Smoke hoses you no longer have to deal with having a tainted hose. Let your taste buds run wild with a new flavorful taste every time!