What do you think of when you hear the word spice? Perhaps a market, or perhaps in ancient times, one would think of a ship carrying spices? Spices have always been coupled with adventure and commerce. Like many goods, spices help to drive the world's economy.

Where spices are concerned, their uses are almost endless. We can detect the nuances of spices through sight, touch, smell, and taste. Few essential commerce goods boast to liven all of these senses. One of the most important of these spices is cinnamon. In ancient times, the origins of cinnamon were a mystery, and the cost of such a spice was huge. A pound of cinnamon spices cost more than a years wage for a labourer in and around 300 A.D. Until coffee and tea took over the trade, cinnamon was one of the ruling spices of the world.

In modern days, cinnamon is an everyday spice, and a tasty one at that. At Sahara, our Hookah-Hookah brand of shisha tobacco is proud to have our own cinnamon flavor. “Cinnful Cinnamon” is the name of this fine blend, and it is as bold as the spice itself.

Hookah-Hookah tobacco is a long cut shisha that is sourced mainly from North Carolina, although it is called a “virginia long cut”. It is much like ribbons that are long and stringy. This really helps the shisha juices cling to the tobacco, and creates a bold and intriguing mix of flavor.

The cinnamon comes out subtly at first, but the more you smell it, the more it encompasses your senses. I enjoyed this, as it stated to me that there is not an overabundance of the spice in the flavor. Cinnamon already compliments the flavor and smell of tobacco so well, that it is not needed in a large quantity. The flavor of this blend is excellent. The subtle cinnamon rolls off the tongue in a way that remind me of cookies and milk, which is not a bad thing. The aftertaste is a distinct cinnamon that lingers just long enough to remind you of what you are smoking. The smoke density of this flavor is out of the ball park, as with most Hookah-Hookah tobacco. We use Kosher vegetable glycerin in our shisha tobacco, which gives a slightly sweet undertone that produces massive clouds.

As with any Hookah-Hookah tobacco, the experience is bound to be enjoyable on both a social and personal level. Our shisha tobacco is perfect for any occasion. Cinnamon is a great flavor to mix with others as well; I find that Hookah-Hookah graham cracker goes perfectly with cinnamon, to create something fulfilling, yet tasty in any setting. Pick up a pack today and see for yourself why cinnamon ruled the world of spices for so long.