For a long time, cherries have been a popular snack or additive in countless dishes around the world. Since food was able to be farmed and cultivated, cherries have been heavily enjoyed. Not to mention that cherries carry lots of antioxidants, which makes them a healthy alternative to more fatty snacks.

Here at Sahara Smoke, we have a direct communication and partnership with Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak tobacco. Hookah-Hookah is an American made shisha tobacco that features Kosher vegetable glycerin, hand cut Virginia long cut tobacco, and we manufacture all of our shisha in house by hand! Through this care, we have created a product that is both refreshing and also stands up to the competitors.

There are many Hookah-Hookah flavors to choose from, but the other day, our mixologist was making a fresh batch of cherry, so I figured it would be the perfect time to try some out! After letting the tobacco rest a few days, I picked up a fresh batch of Bursting Cherry and took it home. As usual, I used my Kaloud Samsaris with my Lotus and a Dream hose. Eventually, I will be branching out on equipment, but I figure for the first round of reviews I do some consistency would be best.

Firstly, the smell was fantastic. Everyone expects either two distinct notes from Cherry; either an artificial sweet smell, or a natural tart smell. Our Cherry contains notes of the natural scent, with an emphasis on the tart side. This is a welcome change, as artificial Cherry is good in a candy, but it is super gross in a shisha tobacco.

The flavor of this shisha tobacco is one that makes you ponder about it, even when you are not smoking it. This is a really rare quality when it comes to shisha tobacco. There are only a few flavors that make me do this, one of which is Prickly Pear by Fumari, and another is Atomic Fireball from our own Hookah-Freak line. The flavor is a very natural undertone of cherry, with a big hit of tart in the middle. It ends with a very neutral note that is not too sweet. This is a welcome experience coming from a cherry flavor, as most cherry flavors have a nasty fake aftertaste.

The cloud output on this flavor was modest, but not as big as some of the other flavors we make, like Scooby Snack or Pineapple Xpress. That being said, with two flat Ecocha coals and a Lotus, you can get the heat up to produce really big clouds, but this flavor seems a bit too heat sensetive to do that with.

Overall, this is my current favorite cherry flavor. I come from a pipe smoking background, and the natural smell of cherry in tobacco is always a plus in my opinion. If you are a fan of natural cherry flavors, this is a must try and you might want to pick up some extra while you are at it, because you will want to experience this one over a long period of time!