Most of us know a famous line from a popular TV show, “Winter is coming”. The mysterious nature of this line has sparked fear and wonder, with a pinch of curiosity. These are the emotions that are invoked when speaking about the 30 inch Black Ice Hookah. At Sahara Smoke, we have a large line of hookah pipes, ranging from tiny to massive. The Black Ice sits at a nice medium, and is a great addition to any collection, as well as a perfect beginners pipe.

Efficiency and purpose are important aspects of smoking shisha; without these qualities a smoking session can suffer. We have all experienced bad smoke sessions due to poor preparation or poor personal methods. As nargile enthusiasts, we strive to create a product that keeps the smoker interested, or even mesmerized.

At thirty inches tall, the Black Ice boasts a bold presence in any room or lounge. It comes with our patented VORTEX bowl in a white color. This bowl keeps shisha tobacco juices inside the bowl and creates a unique smoking experience that is long lasting and tasty. The stem is a matte black, which fits the profile of both the base and the name of the pipe. As with all our hookahs, the Black Ice comes with our washable hose with wooden handles, which has a great draw and is a perfect entry level hose. The Black Ice can three hoses, but one is recommended for the best smoking session.

The Black Ice base is the star of the show. With its creamy opaque texture and spider-like black streaks, it evokes a feeling of power in a cold sensation. The glass is very thick, and the base stands a foot tall and almost holds five cups of water; more than enough for anyone who needs a lot of weight in their vase for stability. The fitting on all the pieces is top notch; there is no wobbling and no loose parts or air leaks.

With the Black Ice, anyone can fight off the army of the dead with the cold looks and bold presence of the entire package. As with all our modern line hookahs, this pipe comes with a nice carrying bag. The bag fits everything well, as each piece of a Sahara hookah is removable and fully customizable. Bring it to a friends house, bring it to a lounge, or keep it at home. Whatever you do with the Black Ice, you are sure to freeze over your friends and opponents alike with wonder and admiration.