Coconara natural coconut hookah charcoal

Looking for a charcoal brand that is less harsh on your lungs than all the other brands? Well you won’t need to look much further; Coco Nara natural hookah charcoals are both high in quality and chemical free.

Revolutionizing the hookah charcoal industry by being the first to set apart their charcoals from all other brands, Coco Nara hookah charcoals are not made from any type of wood like most other charcoals but from the natural essence of coconut shells. Because of its natural components, these charcoals are—of course—naturally made and require a more lengthy time to be heated compared to quick light charcoals.

If you’re willing to wait you will see that these natural coconut coals are in fact well worth the wait. Other benefits you will find with using Coco Nara natural charcoals is how little dust accumulation the coals create compared to other artificial charcoal brands, how seldom the coal pieces break, and its low measures of carbon monoxide compared to instant light charcoals. With all these benefits that come from Coco Nara's natural hookah charcoals who wouldn’t want to at the very least check it out and see what all the fuss is about!?