Tobacco has been enjoyed as a social and traditional pastime for well over 600 years, and in that time, hookah or nargile has been enjoyed for at least 400 years. Over that time period, there have been many supporters and many opposers of tobacco smoking, but the “train has not been derailed” for anyone, as tobacco provides jobs and massive business opportunities on an international scale that can only be rivaled by the largest industries on the planet.

Keeping this sense of power and traditionalism in mind, today there are many innovators in the world of shisha tobacco. Why not take it back to those old days and make something that is both classic and also enjoyable? At Sahara Smoke, this is exactly what we have done with our Ayam Zaman brand of shisha. With Ayam Zaman, you can prepare a bowl the modern way, and enjoy traditional flavor.

Traditionally, smoking shisha was a much harsher and more direct experience. You would use a small nargile waterpipe; most of the time it would be a handheld size. From there, you would heavily overpack your shisha tobacco, which was usually just tobacco, molasses, and a little bit of honey. Sometimes spices were added to create a more pronounced flavor, but this was optional. From here, you would place the coal directly on top of the tobacco bowl, without any foil. A carbon layer of hardened ash would form, and from there you could begin to smoke the pipe.

While this is not the method designed for Ayam Zaman, the flavors from these traditional tobaccos are still contained within. Our Ayam Zaman line of shisha tobacco is a much broader cut, with larger pieces, and lots of natural molasses, with very little, if any glycerin. Generally, it is an unwashed preparation, which is similar to traditional tobacco. While this provides a much stronger buzz, it also keeps the natural overtones of the tobacco flavor.

The smell of Ayam Zaman varies from batch to batch, but the most popular flavor is 1001 nights. This brings you back to the time of the old testament, when spices and perfume ruled the noses of all. 1001 nights brings out a multitude of spices in such a mixture that it is hard to pick out any specific smells, but the smell reminds me of walking through a spice shop.

The smoke of Ayam Zaman is not nearly as big as our normal Hookah-Hookah and Hookah-Freak lines, but that is because of the unwashed tobacco and significantly reduced amount of glycerin. While there is not huge clouds, there is a huge buzz! As far as flavor goes, it starts out very mild, and as the heat takes over the bowl, the flavor really comes out and leaves a strong aftertaste of spice heaven!

For a solo session, this shisha tobacco might be a bit too strong for most, but for sharing an authentic experience with a few friends, 1001 nights Ayam Zaman will bring anyone back to the old times!