On occasion, you encounter a flavor that excites every sense, and it is these flavors that make up a palate for you. Many people love citrus flavors, and in the world of tobacco, there is no exception. Today I will be reviewing our very own Ayam Zaman Orange!

Here at Sahara Smoke, the Ayam Zaman brand line of shisha is our traditionally prepared shisha. We use unwashed tobacco, very rugged cuts, and use natural molasses to create a bold and strong shisha tobacco from the days of old. Compared to our Hookah Hookah and Hookah Freak lines, this tobacco packs a serious punch, but it is still very delicious!

Firstly, I would like to mention that the appearance of this tobacco might not be as uniform as normal shisha, but don’t let that fool you; this stuff is awesome. Stems and all, it provides a unique cut that burns very slowly. The molasses has a unique red tint to it, that almost remind me of blood; if blood smelled like orange peels.

The aroma of this tobacco is interesting and natural. Unlike other orange shisha flavors, this orange carries a certain sourness to it. At first whiff, you are confronted with strong tobacco notes. Then the orange smell comes, which smells like a mix of sour oranges and lots of orange rinds. If you have not smoked this flavor before, this might be a bit of a turn off at first, but give it a chance and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The flavor is what this shisha tobacco is all about if you ask me. Why go to all the trouble of using a traditional shisha if you don’t appreciate full and consistent flavor? The initial pulls were light, but as the tobacco heated up, cloud output was probably around half as much as normal shisha. We use very little, if any glycerin in Ayam Zaman, which is why the cloud output isn’t as high. The flavor is sharp and natural. It tastes very similar to orange juice, which is quite the accomplishment. The sour notes from the smell do not translate to the flavor, which was a welcome surprise.

The buzz on this flavor was more than adequate. Since it is unwashed tobacco, it is of course going to give you a bigger buzz than something like Hookah-Hookah or Starbuzz, but do not let that scare you. Only the greenest of hookah noobs should use caution. I wouldn’t say Ayam Zaman is as strong as Tangiers Noir, which I commend the brand for, because I think Tangiers is too strong. The quality of the nicotine buzz is much better too. Tangiers gives me a big buzz, but followed by an unpleasant sensation in my head. Ayam Zaman gives you a nice buzz that settles, but does not overwhelm your sensations. As with most unwashed tobacco, one should pace themselves to avoid overdoing it.

This flavor is a close contender with 1001 Nights for being my favorite Ayam Zaman flavor. It is not quite as strong as 1001 Nights, but it provides a full and natural experience that is not common in shisha tobacco. I would only consider a few orange tobacco flavors to be comparable, such as Fumari Mandarin Zest and Nakhla Orange, both of which are also some of my favorites! If you like big buzzes, and you want to try something different that still has a familiar taste, you need to pick up some Ayam Zaman Orange!