Have you ever had an awesome hookah session? Most people who smoke hookah do so in a social setting. Waiting your turn for a hit can be annoying, especially if you have more than two to three people in on one pipe. Another issue with social smoking is the fact that hoses can get tangled, which can at the least cause inconvenience, and at the worst cause a hookah to fall over.

Here at Sahara Smoke, we have created a solution to this problem. Why not have a hookah this is rotating freely? By adding a simple device to any Sahara hookah, you can make it rotate 360 degrees freely, and by doing so, you might your hookah heavier and more stable, and keep hoses from getting in messy tangles! The Sahara 360 adapter is your best solution to an age old problem, and looks great on any Sahara hookah!

Assembling this 360 adapter can be troubling and confusing, therefore I have made this picture guide to help make the process simpler and easier.