Lounge CD - Arabic Groove
arabic groove
Arabic groove is a cutting- edge collection of hip and danceable tracks from north africa and the middle east. Arabic groove reveals the ways funk, hip-hop and dance have blended with arabic music to create exciting new sounds. This forward-looking compilation features some of the most electrifying music filling fashionable nightclubs from paris to cairo.
cd tracks
Abdel Ali Slimani • Moi et Toi • (Algeria)

Abdy • Galbi • (Morocco)

Dania • Leiley (Transglobal Underground Mix) • (Lebanon)

Amr Diab • Amarain • (Egypt)

Hisham Abbas • Intil Waheeda • (Egypt)

Hamid el Shaeri • Hely Meli • (Libya)

Fadela & Sahraoui • Mani • (Algeria)

Natacha Atlas • Kidda • (Egypt/UK)

Khaled • Mauvais Sang • (Algeria)

Sawt el Atlas • Ne Me Jugez Pas (Volodia Remix) • (Morocco)

Cheb Tarik • L'histoire • (Algeria)
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Arabic Groove
  • Lounge CD - Arabic Groove

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