Lounge CD - Acoustic Arabia
Acoustic Arabia CD

The songs on acoustic arabia highlight the fundamental beauty of the music of the arabic world. This collection features an intriguing roster of artists, including several international stars and exciting new discoveries.

Each musician has a fascinating life story that brings added depth to their music with the gentle emotion and entrancing melodies of the songs.

CD Tracks
Jamal Porto • Gamar Badawi

Les Orientales • Alger, Alger

Rasha • Azara Alhai

Charbel Rouhana and Hani Siblini • Mada

Tiris • Tiris Nibreeha

Souad Massi • Ghir Enta

Zaman • Batalti Eli

Mousta Largo • Les Larmes de Boabdil

Maurice El Medioni • Tu n'aurais jamais dû

Zein Al-Jundi • Wijjak Ma'ii
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Acoustic Arabia
  • Lounge CD - Acoustic Arabia

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